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Attending athletic camps at the Eastern Ohio Sports Complex builds fundamentals, shapes character and continues a fifty year tradition of sports excellence. This sprawling 140 acre all-inclusive sports complex located in Sherrodsville, Ohio welcomes thousands of youth basketball, volleyball, football and band athletes each year. Register an entire team or a individual camper.

EOSC's sprawling campus features 10 in-door basketball/volleyball courts, ten regulation-size football fields, air conditioned dorm facilities and a large cafeteria for meals. The complex's lake, swimming pool and outdoor recreational areas are also available for use and ideal  to continue team-building activities after the day's camp sessions conclude.  

Eastern Ohio Sports Complex takes pride in its top-rated staff of coaches and instructors who empower athletes to develop athletic talent while instilling the importance of teamwork. EOSC began in 1969 under the direction of  legendary Hall of Fame Coach Charlie Huggins and renowned Pennsylvania Coach Ed McCluskey. The duo taught fundamentals and hard play to 300 basketball campers over an eight week period. From its inception to today, EOSC has mirrored the personality and coaching style of its founders.


EOSC is now owned and operated by Larry Huggins who is continuing the tradition of excellence begun by his father. The younger brother of West Virginia University Basketball Coach Bob Huggins took over operation of the camp in 2000 and continues to make updates to the facility and programming to ensure EOSC remains one of the finest all-inclusive athletic complexes in the U.S. for young athletes to continue to grow in sports and life.

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